Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky | CMD
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A veteran of the Indian liquor industry (over 45 years), Dr. Khaitan oversees the entire business of Radico Khaitan.

He has been instrumental in improving quality standards and seeking and achieving customer satisfaction, leading to substantial growth in sales and revenues, and increased market shares. In the process, he has succeeded in transforming Radico Khaitan from a small, behind-the-scenes player to one of the most profitable in its sector, and a sought-after partner by leading international liquor brands seeking to enter the Indian market. His unique management style has helped maintain Radico as an open, ethical and transparent organisation.

Dr. Khaitan has been widely recognised for his contribution to the liquor industry. He has been associated with a number of developmental projects, has represented India with several international delegations, and is involved in social & educational activities across India . He is currently:

  • Chairman, U.P. Committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Senior member, Managing Committee, ASSOCHAM
  • Member, Managing Committee, All India Distillers Association
  • Member, Managing Committee, U.P. Distillers Association
  • Member of the Standing Committee of PHD Chamber
  • Chairman, Northern Region Development Council, ASSOCHAM

He has won the ‘INSPIRATIONAL LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD’ at Alcobev 2008 held by CIABC.