Rampur Indian Single Malt (RISM) is the third single malt to emerge from India. Produced by Radico Khaitan, RISM joins two other Indian single malt brands from India – Amrut and Paul John – on the world stage.  It made its debut in April last at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Las Vegas. Abhishek Khaitan, Managing Director, Radico Khaitan, tells Shalini Kumar that the RISM launch is one more step taken by their company for future growth which “lies in offering premium products to our consumers for an enhanced and fulfilling experience.” And, according to Sanjeev Banga, President – International Business, “RISM is for discerning single malt consumers all over the world.”

Radico Khaitan has been ageing malt at its malt distillery for the last 25 years but they “were never in a hurry to launch single malt. Once we felt confident of having a very fine product and adequate stock, did we decide to venture into our own branded single malt whisky,” says Abhishek Khaitan, Managing Director, Radico Khaitan.

Abhishek describes their journey from an idea to the production of Rampur Indian Single Malt “wonderful with great teamwork and involvement of all associated with the project.” Once the liquid was ready, the focus shifted to the package. Naming the product was easy, as Abhishek says, “Brand name was no brainer – it had to be RAMPUR.”

However, a lot of thought went into giving the Radico single malt a distinct Indian identity. “We are very proud of the fact that it is an Indian product and we wanted to highlight the Indian origin in our packaging as well.  While the product itself says ‘Indian Single Malt’, the subtle usage of Devnagari script and the silk pouch with embroidery add to the Indian-ness,” explains Abhishek.

Radico’s  spirits  are  distributed  in  66  countries world-wide.  And, the production of Rampur Indian Single  Malt    is  yet  another  step  to  cement  the company’s standing as a premium spirits producer in India and abroad. Delving into this aspect, Abhishek says, “Radico took a conscious decision a couple of years ago not to chase volumes but to focus on premiumisation of our portfolio.  The journey started with Magic Moments Vodka followed with Morpheus Brandy – the most expensive brandy in India, Electra our RTD and now RAMPUR.  The path of our future growth  lies  in  offering  premium  products  to  our consumers for an enhanced and fulfilling experience.” Touted as the Kohinoor of single malts, RAMPUR’s global distribution began in May and it will be soon available at Delhi Duty Free.

‘Rampur Single Malt for discerning single malt consumers’

Rampur Indian Single Malt is different yet pleasing, spicy but balanced. It is INDIAN.” Thus describes Sanjeev Banga, President – International Business,Radico Khaitan, the distinctiveness of his company’s first single malt and India’s third.   “Rampur Indian Single Malt  is for discerning single malt consumers all over the world. Single malt consumers prefer uniqueness in the taste.   They are always keen to try a new malt,” says Sanjeev.

Confident of winning the hearts of single malt consumers, Sanjeev says their strategy to promote Rampur Indian Single Malt  is ‘Liquid to lips & lips to heart’. He is all praise for the Rampur Indian Single Malt blend which is prepared by “Master Blender is Anup Barik, who comes from a family of blenders and brings with him decades of rich experience.”

Unlike most Scottish single malts, Rampur Indian Single Malt  is not banking on its age claim to attract malt drinkers. “We are not making any age claim on the product though it is matured for a very long time in harsh Indian weather conditions.   We feel age is just a number and should not cloud the consumer opinion. For us the most important thing is that the consumer should like the liquid and desire to have it repeatedly,” says Sanjeev.

Sanjeev feels that with the launch of Rampur Indian Single Malt , Radico has taken “the Amrut legacy forward and to a newer level. Credit goes to Amrut for introducing Indian single malt to the world.  India has huge potential and it’s time we made our presence felt on the world stage. Our Magic Moments Vodka is already creating waves globally, so are Indian wines. And, now is the time for Indian single malt.”

With Radico spirit brands currently available in 66 countries, Sanjeev thinks it is “quite natural for us to address the global audience with Rampur Indian Single Malt .”   However, the company is “not chasing volumes. Rampur Indian Single Malt is a limited release product and we will ensure all markets where the product is launched have adequate stocks at all times,” says Sanjeev.

Shipments of Rampur Indian Single Malt  with a likely to benchmark retail price of USD 70 per 75 cl bottle have begun for overseas markets such as Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa including travel retail.

Rampur Indian Single Malt tasting notes

Aroma/Nose: Rich fruity top note, toffee in the background,

floral, honey, dried fruits and hint of spice.

Appearance: Golden amber

Taste/Palate: All-round balanced taste with malty & creamy vanilla. Hint of fruits like apricot & apple with sweet & winey taste Finish: Rich & long finish


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