Rampur Signature Reserve Limited Edition Indian Single Malt Whisky

A Pause in time

Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky – Signature Reserve, a gift from time to the true connoisseurs of taste and luxury.

The Pursuit of Perfection

This Limited Edition Whisky was put to age peacefully in American Standard Oak Barrels for an extended period of time, withering many Indian Summers. These four unique casks, handpicked and reserved for the Master Maker, were then transferred in specially selected PX Sherry Butt from Jerez, Spain for its final years of maturation.

An Extraordinary Journey

This Oldest Indian Single Malt Whisky from the house of Rampur Distillery, has stood tall through changing times and weather. It has aged graciously through the Himalayan chill and sweltering North Indian heat, whilst keeping the greedy angels well fed. Starting the beautiful journey at 63% abv, Rampur Signature Reserve smoothened and matured to a mellow 44.5% to savour.

Tasting Notes

Rich dark amber colour with a reddish mahogany hue.


Wonderful intense notes of rich PX sherry, creamy vanilla & sweet toffee to start with, then slowly revealing the spicy note of cinnamon, dark dried fruits, Indian forest honey, nutty, tropical fruits and oaky notes.


Immensely rich & creamy mouth coating followed by extra layers of sultanas, toffees, Christmas pudding and burnt cinnamon.


Lingering & satisfying. Dried fruits & oaky spiciness retains a lasting foothold.


True Luxury to sensorial pleasure.

Since the dawn of modern India, Rampur Distillery has been crafting an incredible single malt whisky that’s withstood the test of time. From its robust 63% abv starting point to a gentle 44.5%, this beautiful beverage is aged in perfectly contrasting climates – Himalayan chill and sweltering heat – leaving coveted flavours for all who savour it! Unlock the power to create lasting change with us on this remarkable journey, thanks to our generous sponsor. As a special thank you, we are giving everyone an opportunity for top-notch entertainment through their platform of games and activities! Join in today and get ready to the ante of your gaming experience. Online game sites with slots like https://slotogate.com/pt/slots/ provide a virtual utopia for gamers, with dazzling designs and unrivaled bonuses. Enjoy high-octane games from world renowned game developers while taking advantage of generous loyalty programs to get more bang for your buck!

Other JEWELS —​

48 exceptional casks of Rampur Single Malt Whisky post maturation in American Oak were handpicked and transferred to PX Sherry Butts from Jerez, Spain.

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An amalgamation of fruity aromas and smoothness topped with irresistible crispiness coming from a balanced maturation in three different casks.

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