Rampur Trigun Indian Single Malt Whisky | Winner of Double Gold Indian Single Malt Whisky

Our AWARD WINNING Collection

An amalgamation of fruity aromas and smoothness topped with irresistible crispiness coming from a balanced maturation in three different casks.


Matured in American Bourbon Barrels to attain the profile of an Indian summer.


Carefully selected Champagne Casks add a layer of subtle freshness.


Unique Sauterne Barrels from Bordeaux impart sweetness with citrusy hue and fruity aromas.

Tasting Notes

Tropical fruity notes with hints of apricot, lychee, pear and mango. Crispiness from Champagne Cask followed by glorious layers of zesty citrusy notes from Sauterne Wine Cask.


Initial vanilla notes transform to delicate sweetness, topped with irresistible crispiness.


The Indian trail lingers with an amazingly long finish.

Other JEWELS —​

48 exceptional casks of Rampur Single Malt Whisky post maturation in American Oak were handpicked and transferred to PX Sherry Butts from Jerez, Spain.

This beautiful expression of Rampur is crafted by maturation in hand-picked American Bourbon barrels & European Oak Sherry casks

Matured in American Bourbon barrels and meticulously perfected in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon casks for the first time in History resulting in a unique expression with an impeccable balance.

Rampur Select is an Indian Single Malt Whisky, hand-crafted and aged in the foothills of the Himalayas. Styled as “The Kohinoor of Single Malts”

A velvety melody of tropical fruity notes from American Bourbon Barrels and an array of dar dried fruits and complex spiciness from Moscatel Casks.

A magical duet of tropical fruity notes from American Bourbon Barrels and aroma of sweet baked apple from Calvados Casks