STRIVING towards A

Sustainable Future

Radico Khaitan is committed to environmentally friendly, economically sustainable and socially acceptable growth, in accordance with their strong sustainability values.

Currently, Radico Khaitan can recharge ~ 300% of total water it draws from the ground, thus balancing the ecosystem.

Radico Khaitan, in partnership with ‘Vyakti Vikas Kendra India’ (Art of Living) and the Government, is expanding water conservation to three more Rampur district blocks. Inspired by success in Chamraua, Shahbad, and Saidnagar, this project targets over 40% of the local population, focusing on raising water levels and providing youth employment.

The project also educates on local water resources, rainfall patterns, hydrology and water management, empowering youth in water security.

Radico – Art of Living Skill Development Center provides comprehensive training in soft skills, English and computer proficiency. In FY 2023, 195 students were trained, and a women’s empowerment center was initiated, where 120 women mastered tailoring and beautician skills.

Our initiatives align with United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs) and we are committed to strengthening this alignment through focused investments.

During FY2023, Radico Khaitan recycled 7,202 MT of post-consumer used plastic waste, leading to a strong sustainability impact.


Captive – Bio Gas
Captive – Rice Husk
Outsourced (Grid &
Diseal Generators)
Promoting responsible resource management
with recycled glass bottles

Given the nature of our business, the usage of glass bottles at Radico Khaitan is high. It is our continuous effort to increase the consumption of recycled glass bottles in our business.

We have progressively increased the usage of recycled glass bottles from 4.5% in FY2019 to 22.6% in FY2023 for our key large brands.


FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23
% Recycled
4.5% 7.4% 14.1% 19.3% 12.6%
“Radico’s continued focus on
Sustainability has taken a giant leap by
using water from the atmosphere.”

Water is extremely vital for ensuring socio-economic development and creating healthy ecosystems that are essential for human survival. It is our belief that water is critical to the world’s adaptation to climate change. It serves as a crucial link between the climate system, the human society, and the environment, requiring aggressive efforts to ensure efficient water consumption methods.

  1. Ensuring Water Sustenance

    We have adopted several rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge measures within and outside the plant premises.We have installed 27 recharging structures within the plants and 129 recharging structures across 38 villages in Chamraua Block of district Rampur. 

  2. Undertaking Tree Plantation

    We undertook the planting of more than 15,000 trees at various locations in the Rampur district during FY2023. 

  3. Minimising Water Consumption

    The water consumption at our plants is one of the lowest in the Alcobev industry. We have reduced water consumption by 56% in the case of our Molasses-based distillery and 50% in case of the Grain-based distillery since FY2018.

improved glass technology reduced paper usage saving natural resources

Radico Khaitan implements value engineering strategies to optimize raw material costs while upholding product quality. Utilizing advanced glass technology to produce lighter bottles exemplifies this approach, resulting in both cost savings and reduced depletion of natural resources. This initiative saved approximately 831.5 metric tons of glass consumption during the year. Additionally, the elimination of mono cartons in select brands reduced paper usage by 37.2 metric tons, reinforcing our commitment to resource conservation.